Children's Classes FAQs

Newsletters and Timetables

These are produced at the beginning of each term containing a variety of information and are usually sent via the post with your Term account.

The timetable for each term is subject to change – although as little change as possible is made to avoid disruption.

All classes break for the school holidays and resume the first Monday of the new Term. We are closed on Public Holidays.


30 min class   $5.00 + GST = $5.50                    75 min class   $11.00 + GST = $12.10

45 min class   $7.50 + GST = $8.25                     90 min class   $13.00 + GST = $14.30

60 min class   $9.00 + GST = $9.90                    Discounts are given for multiple classes.

Accounts & Payments

Accounts are usually sent via the post and should be paid by the due date which is usually week 4 or 5 of term. An annual Registration Fee per family is charged on your first account and this includes a Dance and Performing Arts Accident Scheme. Please ask at Reception for details of the benefits. 

Please advise either Doug or Yvonne if you are having any difficulties with payment and arrangements may be made. You are welcome to pay off your account in instalments instead of one lump sum if this helps you budget.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or internet. An EFTPOS machine is available. Credit card payment by phone is also acceptable.

Please advise us if you are not returning next term so we do not prepare and post your account.


The uniforms for girls are as follows:


Junior Students

Red Leotard - gathered front, no sleeves. (Energetics CL04)

Black Shorts (Capezio BX600C)

This uniform is available from Reception or Classic Moves Dancewear.

Senior Students

Black leotards (any style) or combinations of the following:

Tops - A variety of black, red and white tops are available from the dance shops to suit all figures and preferences.

Bottoms - Black shorts, 3/4 tights and dance pants are all acceptable.

Shoes - Camel coloured split sole jazz shoes (black for boys). Many students like to wear jazz joggers to class, which is up to you, but please be aware that you may be required to have camel jazz shoes for the end of year Revue.


Dress for girls is as for jazz.

Shoes - Camel coloured tap shoes for girls and black for boys.


The uniform for ballet varies with the grade. Please see Reception or Miss Shaynie for details.